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 Welcome to Footsak cancer, Viva life's home page!
Join mesailing aroundthe world (virtually), in my fight against cancer by clicking the links to the left.

FootsakA South African Colloquialism. Be off, go away; [Used as a command, an insulting dismissal] Also spelt Voetsek or Voetsak.
Viva- Long live or salute; [Often used by resistance groups]

This cartoon show cancer being defied, being told to footsak in fight to beat cancer


In May 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer).  Since then I have had chemo, steroids, tandem stem cell (bone marrow) transplants, major thoracic surgery to remove a baseball size plasma cytoma & four ribs, and radiation.  I have been fortunate to receive the best treatment possible from Dr. Paul Richardson of Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Sugurbaker of the Brigham & Woman's Hospital, and my local Oncologist Dr. Stuart Selonick of Annapolis Oncology.  I am fortunate to have medical insurance to afford this.  I am fortunate to have a family and friends who have supported me though this every step of the way.  I am fortunate that I have found the strength to quell my fears and defy my disease.  I am lucky to have responded well to my treatments, and that I am now in remission. Unfortunately not all patients are as fortune. I have a second chance, and am determined to fight back against cancer.

As I work in the sailing industry (small craft naval architect, spar builder and rigger) and a sailor, sailing is how I planning to do this.  I plan to sail around the world and do the following: -

  • Raise money for medical research for Multiple Myeloma cancer treatment.
  • Be an ambassador for Multiple Myeloma, promoting awareness of it.
  • I am also hoping that I can help newly diagnosed and depressed patients.  I have felt (and still feel at times) very low and scared. I am hoping that by expressing how I felt and how I coped, patients will not feel as alone.  I hope if patients can see me (a fellow cancer patient/survivor) overcoming my fears and live out my physically tough dream. That they will be inspired to fight their cancer harder and realize their own dreams.  If I can do it, then so can you.
  • To promote my belief that a defiant attitude, coupled to your medical treatment is an essential ingredient to surviving cancer!  That why I am advocate that you tell your tell your cancer to "footsak" and give it absolutely no respect! "Footsak cancer, Viva Life."